Providing art programs in Colorado

Draw with Miss Jay!

Join Academy of Art's virtual art studio! Learn to draw at your convenience or schedule a semi-private LIVE art lesson. Art lessons are designed for all ages. Academy of Art lessons incorporate the elements and principles of design along with art terms, techniques and skills.

Upcoming Classes and Events at a Glance

Private Art Classes

Try a private art class to excel in your abilities or learn new techniques!
For ages 5 thru adult.
Please call Jessica at 480-747-5120 to schedule an art class.
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Virtual Art Camps Coming Soon!
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Our Goals

• Promote self-esteem
• Recognize elements and principles of art
• Improve eye/hand coordination and fine motor skills
• Learn to recreate visual images
• Study art history and culture
• Experience different art mediums
• Create a higher level of concentration and an interest in learning
• Strengthen auditory processing

Art Lesson Videos

New! Learn to draw at your own convenience! Try a FREE video!