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Boost students' pride and self esteem: Repeatedly, participating teachers tell us about the increased pride and self esteem their students feel after participating in Artsonia. Viewing their own creations in an online museum, students are putting forth extra effort in the art room, knowing it will be posted for all their friends and family to appreciate.

Increase parental and family involvement in students' education: Parents and family members take a much more active role in their child's art education by viewing the artwork online, joining the child's fan club, and leaving supportive comments in the artist guestbook. Teachers tell us this feedback from family, especially relatives who may not live nearby, is priceless in the development of the child's artistic confidence.

Get Started

Publish a permanent archive of your child's artwork on this free kids online art museum.
If your child is participating in an art enrichment program (2012-13) at a school provided by Academy of Art then you will automatically receive an email with instructions.

If you are NOT participating in a current program but would like to start an online gallery for your child please contact us or fill out the PARENTAL PERMISSION FORM (below) and email to us at:

Digitize Artwork

You amy use your smart phone or camera to take photos of your child's artwork and upload it on
TIP: Download the FREE Artsonia Mobile iPhone and iPad application (available at the App Store).

1. Log into Artsonia using the passcode info you received via email.
2. Follow the prompts to successfully uplaod artwork into your child's gallery.
3. Utilize the tools to edit the photo as you wish.
4. Once the artwork is published on Artsonia, child artists can enter contests, family members can leave comments for the artist and order keepsakes with their child's artwork on it.